6. What you are

I have a spiritual director; we meet once a month. He asks me about my prayer life, and what parts of the Bible are striking my heart. Every month, he always asks me if there is a scripture passage that I would like to use for meditation. Sometimes I pick one that comes readily to... Continue Reading →

The best laid Advent plans

So well laid. Such Advent plans. Early, early morning gym. Early morning mass. Get holy and stuff. And then, day one of Advent-week, Monday itself...I came down with a violent stomach flu for a couple days. Today was the first time back at work. Le sigh. I'm working on a new linocut for Christmas. I... Continue Reading →

Advent Wednesday #3

At lunchtime yesterday I went to a church-hall where food was being served to people who have lodging and maybe a change of clothes but not much else. They did have a lot of Christmas cheer though, and they all greeted me warmly. One man asked if I had met his grandchildren yet. I told... Continue Reading →

Advent Monday #2

There is a line in an Advent song that sings like, "O Come, O rod of Jesse's stem" And today's reading is about the desert and the parched land and the steppe blooming "with abundant flowers." But I'm just over here like, "Yeah, and I'll bet that those were watered by our collective tears." "Mourning... Continue Reading →


TODAY IS THE FEAST OF ST. ANDREW. HE IS TYPICALLY SHOWN WITH A CROSS IN AN "X" SHAPE BECAUSE THAT'S HOW HE WAS CRUCIFIED. (Fun fact. Once, when I was young and in college and working at my college job, a man who was probably one part lonely and one part overly confident about his... Continue Reading →

Advent Monday #1

What does it mean to live in hope? I don't know. But today I stared at my anchor ring And wrote an email to someone Who might be able to take another few steps in the right (God? right?) direction. And if scary-trust in the goodness and provision of God isn't the crux of hope,... Continue Reading →

Advent Sunday #1

I usually sleep straight through the night. This is a grace, I know, And I am thankful for the blessing. To readers with restless legs and insomnia: I'm sorry. But a few night ago I was startled awake. I looked around frantic, Trying to determine what had shocked me alert. Half-awake, I roughly brushed my... Continue Reading →

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