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Josh quotes. “Why you wanna count my money?”


Last Saturday was an all-hands-on-deck kind of experience for the basement project after all da flooding. I was in charge of painting trims, but I finished quickly, so I transitioned into painting the bathroom with Josh. Oh, gosh. This one. This youngest one with the sense of humor that only the baby in a family can have. He brought his music down for us because that’s who he is. (It’s who I am, too, though).

There were a few quality quotes he said and I shared some on the Twitters but, in case you don’t follow me…

My brother Paul was stapling some extra trim to the wall with a staple gun.
Paul: “The trick is, I need to be precise and not make any mistakes because I only have, like, ten staples left.”
Josh: “This sounds like the beginning of a zombie movie.”

Listening to music with Josh, talking about his upcoming BIRTHDAY.
Me: “Are you going to invite some friends over?”
Josh: “Yeah. Probably a mix of some old friends and some I’ve just started hanging out with.”
Me: “Good idea. ‘Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other—‘”
Josh (inserts): “IS DEAD.”
Josh: “…to me. And now they’re not my friends anymore.”

My dad looking at the COMPLETELY UNFINISHED door frame.
Dad: “Hey, Josh, did you get around to painting this yet?”
Josh: [unbelieving pause] “Yeah, I’m on my third coat in that particular spot.”

Towards the end of the day.
Josh: “We’re doing so well. We could start a construction company.”
Me: “And call it, ‘I don’t care’.”
Josh: “And schedule our time so one of us is always napping!”

Sign me up for the naps.

And then we went to a party and met this dog. The end.
And then we went to a party and met this dog. The end.


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