There’s been a lot going on

When I drove back from Chicago I called my priest-friend (crying) (bless him) All, "How do I do this?" And "this" meant life in general And he agreed to pray for me "For an hour, if you need it" So we prayed. He asked God to give me patience And I thought that was kind... Continue Reading →

No ready models | Re: body image

Even though the trend is probably almost done anyway, I'm still slightly drawn to the idea of colored pants. Red slacks, jean-cut, in particular. So, I try them on when I see them. But, they never seem quite right. That's where I was, a few weeks ago, red pants in hand, ready to buy if... Continue Reading →

Someone asked me what I wanted

That one friend asked me what I wanted and I said I didn't know and he got awful fired up, "OH MY GOSH," he said, with his exasperated-voice, "Go and figure out what you want." So...I started. I want time for prayer. I want time in nature. I want slow days and beautiful, unwinding adventure.... Continue Reading →

On renewing my passport

I need to renew my passport, so I am, because I believe in traveling. I filled out the form and went to get my picture taken at an official place (an urban Walgreens which, upon cross-examination, didn’t carry the hair products I was looking for…mostly the aisle was full of products for thicker, textured hairs... Continue Reading →

Easter-y things. <3

Father Pio called me. ❤ And he wished me, “…many, many, life-changing, heart-expanding Easter graces." Isn’t that lovely? And, so was Easter. Surprises and friends and prayer times. The best times. My favorite thing is the Easter Vigil. And it isn’t everyone’s favorite thing, but it is my favorite thing. Because I love listening to... Continue Reading →

Marks in all shades

I’ve been reading a few things online about those multiple shades of grey (but not many things, because as a child I learned about “be careful, little eyes, what you see,” and, even though I wasn’t aware of the internet then, I’m aware of it now, and the truth of the phrase still remains.) I... Continue Reading →

“On Tuesday…”

For reasons of shared-pastor, our priest doesn’t celebrate mass at my small-church on Tuesdays. Usually a substitute priest will celebrate instead, or a deacon, or this one guy who is in the diaconate program. If all else fails, though, I’m asked to cover in a communion service featuring the day’s readings, the already-consecrated Eucharist, and... Continue Reading →

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