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Easter-y things. <3

These friends...making their Easter-best look GOOD. ;)
These friends…making their Easter-best look GOOD. 😉

Father Pio called me. <3 And he wished me, “…many, many, life-changing, heart-expanding Easter graces."
Isn’t that lovely?

And, so was Easter.

Surprises and friends and prayer times. The best times.

My favorite thing is the Easter Vigil.

And it isn’t everyone’s favorite thing, but it is my favorite thing. Because I love listening to the stories, my story, the story of God being like, “Oh, my people, I wish us to be close, close friends.”

I loved the homily about hope.

And I love celebrating it with friends.

These friends, specifically. These precious faces.  (But, next year, you should join us).

Isn’t life fascinating? Here are people I live with, or met in high school, or walked the Camino with, or twisted their arms to be in Play-in-a-Day.

At the Chrism mass on Thursday (I was able to go this year! the Archbishop talked about joy—where joy is not present, the Holy Spirit is not present.

But, on Saturday before the vigil, we sat around a table with some good food and some too-dry food and we talked about the upcoming vigil and people laughed and I was like, “This is good. I know that joy is present here.”
(Also, Kathryn wore a yellow skirt. Easter miracle???)

Then I sat through the stories and the candles and the songs—so long, but so everything-that-I-think-is-good, and…it was breathlessly good.

And then I came home, hungry, and made instant mashed potatoes, because I was hungry, and my mother had some things to say about that. 🙂

Easter dinner! With family!
Easter dinner! With family!
Oh, yes! And matching bug-skirts. :) Happy Easter!  NOW CELEBRATE FOR THE FULL OCTAVE OR ELSE.
Oh, yes! And matching bug-skirts. 🙂 Happy Easter!

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