On our history

An Easter poem The lie of the Garden With apple and the snake Was that God didn't really love us, And we listened, with an ache An ache that tore us from God As in sorrow we left. (Though God, with heart-wide-rendered Gave us second-chance, through death). The lie of the sacrifice Of Abraham and... Continue Reading →

On the eve of the summer solstice

Is there anything better than coming home too-late on a summer's night because the friends were too fun and the conversations too rich and the night just-warm-enough? And is there anything better than your skin being kind of dirty from a mix of the sweat of the day and the mosquito repellent you spritzed on... Continue Reading →

Just to delight us

On Tuesday I drove even deeper downtown for a meeting. I work a few minutes' drive outside of the city center, now. But, anyway, I didn't mind the jaunt. It was sunny. And summer. And I had my windows down and everything smelled and seemed of sunshine and warmth and positivity. And then! Walking into... Continue Reading →

Advent Wednesday #3

At lunchtime yesterday I went to a church-hall where food was being served to people who have lodging and maybe a change of clothes but not much else. They did have a lot of Christmas cheer though, and they all greeted me warmly. One man asked if I had met his grandchildren yet. I told... Continue Reading →


Two hundred years ago, in 2011, I walked a bit of the Camino de Santiago. Sometimes life has a way of surprising you, you who show up with skeletal "plans" or maybe "visions." Ha. Hahahahaha. Almost a year before I walked the Camino, my brother had sent me a link to the Wikipedia article about... Continue Reading →

Nehemiah was cup-bearer to the King.

Sometimes, on some days, I drive my car un-mapped through the city; I weave through Detroit free of any direction except for the basic understanding of north-south-east-west. Yesterday was one of those days. The air was mild, the sky clear, And I drove with my windows down and my arm out-stretched and my hair blowing... Continue Reading →

A few of my favorite things

This is not a sponsored post. I.e. I'm not receiving any ca$h-ola from this-here sharing. BUT! I wanted you to know about some things that I like. For science's sake. Three Dogs North. In the continued daytime-drama that is "My Life is either the weirdest or the coolest, take your pick," I met a seminarian... Continue Reading →

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