17. Beautiful desert

She told me she watched a special on the desert, Right as Lent started, a group-led activity About barrenness and discomfort. But, she said, she was not struck with dismay or deficit, Rather, She was mesmorized by the beauty of the landscape, The delicacy of the ecosystem, The intricacy of the creation. It changes the... Continue Reading →

16. The Lenten desert

I enter Lent cautiously, tentatively. I want to be bravely holy and ambitious, but, I also know that 40 winter days stretch long into the future. "Lent is supposed to be like a desert," the priest said, at Ash Wednesday mass--where we're stripped of comfort and utterly reliant on God. I have traveled before. I... Continue Reading →

Holy Week. I wish I was better prepared.

Last Sunday was Palm Sunday. By a stroke of hey-my-life-is-full-of-the-unexpected, I ended up attending two Palm Sunday masses, both just outside of Boston. On Palm Sunday, we turn and face the back of the church, and the priest blesses palms (imported, obviously, ain't no palms this far north) and we read the story of Jesus... Continue Reading →

Lent. Desert. Facebook.

I want to get on Facebook. I want to get on really badly. This is what Lent looks like. I'm at work, and I usually click to that page of photos when I'm in need of a quick emotional fix. Someone cusses at me at work. Someone catches me making an honest mistake. Someone says... Continue Reading →

A tiny poem | Be thou brave

Let us do the things that scare us. Let us not be afraid to fail. Let us attempt the things we have never before tried, the things we do not yet know how to do, the lessons we have far from mastered. Let us extend our hands to those we have never met, Ask the... Continue Reading →

Sewer-steam prayer

I don't know if this happens in other cities (and, for all of my travels, I don't remember the phenomenon in other places) but, in Detroit, white smoke-y steam billows from our sewers. When we were kids we made up some elaborate, fictional story about this, and told visiting-kids about dragons in the sewer systems.... Continue Reading →

Stained with salt

One of the hard things for me is expressing negativity. And it’s not that I don’t experience hard times and dark days, because I do. I just have a hard time saying words that express that, or piecing together the phrases that mean, “so, like, today, I can barely remember what hope feels like,” because... Continue Reading →

Marks in all shades

I’ve been reading a few things online about those multiple shades of grey (but not many things, because as a child I learned about “be careful, little eyes, what you see,” and, even though I wasn’t aware of the internet then, I’m aware of it now, and the truth of the phrase still remains.) I... Continue Reading →

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