My newest lino

I have several ideas for linoblock cuts. One I've already started, and it's in my room. It's the largest one I've ever done and I started it, got a little scared, and stopped. I knew I wanted to make a different one, too, simpler, and I purchased the block for the simpler one. That, too,... Continue Reading →

The best laid Advent plans

So well laid. Such Advent plans. Early, early morning gym. Early morning mass. Get holy and stuff. And then, day one of Advent-week, Monday itself...I came down with a violent stomach flu for a couple days. Today was the first time back at work. Le sigh. I'm working on a new linocut for Christmas. I... Continue Reading →

Art art art

I have ideas swirling in my head for new art projects. And the current black hole of internet that intravenously pumped art back into my heart was Pinterest and other such experiences yesterday. Look at these art forms, yo. I'm loving/ loving/ loving them. First up:¬†Art Nouveau. So beautiful. Everyone who knows things about this--tell... Continue Reading →

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