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Art art art

I have ideas swirling in my head for new art projects.

And the current black hole of internet that intravenously pumped art back into my heart was Pinterest and other such experiences yesterday.

Look at these art forms, yo. I’m loving/ loving/ loving them.

First up: Art Nouveau. So beautiful.

Everyone who knows things about this–tell  me what I need to know. Are we looking at watercolors+ink? Or a different combo? I adore the ethereal, feminine look. The internet was like, “Create this look…with Adobe Illustrator!!” and I was like, “Nah. Interent, tell me how to do it with just paper.” (Although, seeing this with minorities would be excellent, too, 1920’s. Someone give me an Art Nouveau Our Lady of Guadalupe and we are in business.)

Some examples below (all creative commons) (you can click through the album, too):


MY NEXT INSPIRATION comes from Tiffany’s beautiful, beautiful stained glass work. OY! I don’t know how to “do” stained glass. But! I love the way it looks.

And, somehow, I feel like the ink+watercolor combo could mimic the way this looks, too.

Oh, am I on an ink+watercolor combo kick? FOREVER. As forever as Chris Brown is on the dance floor is as forever as I am ink+watercolor.

Also–I’m pro dance-floor, too, btw.

Also–did you know that Tiffany did religious art stained glass?? Now you know. Gallery below:

^How excellent are those colors, though? I’m stunned.  And I love the one where Nicodemus is coming to visit Jesus at night–the way the blue shines through is just gorgeous.

My final love is linocuts. Equally on the same level as 4ever on the dance floor. I could look at them forever:

^These were all creative commons images. Here’s a Pinterest board of other ones that I LOVED. You can look at them, too. Don’t be afraid to be moved: ta da.

The biggest question on hand is: should I go to the DIA on Friday and look at all of the art and be touched and moved and inspired?

OR should I haul out my own stuff and create my own love?

Or should I just do laundry? 😉


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