This is my Camino. Welcome.

A tiny poem | Be thou brave


Let us do the things that scare us.

Let us not be afraid to fail.

Let us attempt the things we have never before tried,
the things we do not yet know how to do,
the lessons we have far from mastered.

Let us extend our hands to those we have never met,
Ask the questions we are cautioned to keep silent,
Say the points that might cause a tizzy/ spark a convo/ change the world.

Let us do the things that make us more ourselves–bold things, brave things–things that people say make us too “intimidating.”

Humans fiercely alive are intimidating to those who insist on living in shadows.

We, friend, are not made for shadow or mass approval or machine-stamped lives.

We were made for birdsong and hillside, firing block and furnace, dark chapel and moonlit camino.
We were made to live. To love. To testify, to witness. To sacrifice, to serve.
For love we were made.
To love we belong.
Let us live, then, as we were made: to live. Fully alive.

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