Slivers of springtime revelry

If I was to pick any day to be a mermaid, today would probably be that day. Yesterday Paul said to me, "Every spring there is a day where I'm like, 'Oh. Wow. I had forgotten that there are outside smells." Sure enough! You know how you can stick your face in a refrigerator and... Continue Reading →

Spotlight. Soundboard. Safety.

Warning: adult-y serious post. Names and situations have been changed or generalized to protect the innocent.  Last weekend was the award ceremony-show known as the "Oscars." For the record, I don't think I have ever watched an award ceremony on the television. Generally speaking, there are many other ways I'd rather spend my time. But,... Continue Reading →

His gift to me

Over New Year's I went on my favorite retreat and it was, as it often is, a huge source of grace in my life and heart. One phrase from the retreat has been echoing in my mind these past three months--over and over. There was a "Vocation Panel" one afternoon. I was ready to sit... Continue Reading →

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