This is my Camino. Welcome.

Snapshots of the life

Mostly from this weekend.

Because who doesn’t love a good photo-log, right? Amiright? Here are some things I have been up to, in no order. No order at all. Saturday through Monday up in here…

Saturday morning. This one titled, “Paul takes the pigs to the vet.” I registered them on the sign-in form, and turned around, and there he was, looking solitary and somehow little-kid-ish with a mixture of workout clothes and pajamas…and two pigs in a box.
Da pigs. They needed their nails trimmed for Easter.
I went to the library yesterday, Monday. These are my books. (1) Travel book to Eastern Europe, read into that all ya want. Also, you free this summer? Do you love adventures? Do you like to sacrifice luxury stuff for experience stuff? Because, I mean, I do. (2) ALL THE LIGHT WE CANNOT SEE. Father Ryan recommended this. I started it last night. I could barely put it down. It is excellent. 10 for 10. Would recommend. I’m 132 pages in with no-regrets. (3) DINOSAUR BOOK I LOVE DINOSAURS SO MUCH. I’m learning a lot. RAWR RAWR RAWR!!!
Linen folding in a large family closely resembles small hotel linen folding.
These are my mom’s hands as she cuts apples for Easter dinner. “These apples,” she was saying, “are SO NICE!”

And that’s just positively that.

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