Encountering mercy

I went to adoration last night and everything was kind of a hot mess. I came from circus class, so I was wearing an odd assortment of workout gear and baggy clothes, colorful striped socks and riding boots, to begin with. There was a lady in the front pew who kept dozing off (110% judgement... Continue Reading →

His gift to me

Over New Year's I went on my favorite retreat and it was, as it often is, a huge source of grace in my life and heart. One phrase from the retreat has been echoing in my mind these past three months--over and over. There was a "Vocation Panel" one afternoon. I was ready to sit... Continue Reading →

And the Good News is this…

I have a darling friend, Chester (name changed), who goes to my church. He's an older man, dark-skinned and missing teeth. If you didn't know any better, you might think that he was homeless. But, he's not homeless. He just walks with a bit of a shuffle, wears a scraggly beard, and sometimes smells like... Continue Reading →

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