Holy Week

There are few places, spaces, events, moments these days that draw together the entirety of the peoples. Maybe this is more apparent to me because I was homeschooled, so I never knew age-lumping until college. But, really, besides the sacred or secular feasts (Christmas, for instance, maybe Thanksgiving), when do the old and the young... Continue Reading →

Holy Week. I wish I was better prepared.

Last Sunday was Palm Sunday. By a stroke of hey-my-life-is-full-of-the-unexpected, I ended up attending two Palm Sunday masses, both just outside of Boston. On Palm Sunday, we turn and face the back of the church, and the priest blesses palms (imported, obviously, ain't no palms this far north) and we read the story of Jesus... Continue Reading →

Holy Week Things

So. It’s Holy Week. On Sunday I leaned Against the dark-stained pew, Eyes closed, Reciting the sacred story With the faithful. There was a gold-gilt cross in the sanctuary, My favorite Lenten hymn, And moms standing with cameras When I walked in, Photographing their children altar-servers. Holy Week is so many things, So many experiences.... Continue Reading →

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