Birfday girn

Coffee is her love-language.

Today is my sister-in-law’s birthday.

Whenever I tell people about her I say, “I know, we’re so lucky we have her.”

I realized a few months ago that I don’t say, “My brother is so lucky that he has her,” which is probably how normal people talk about things like in laws.

Because, you see, people don’t exist in vacuums, so I know her, too, and I called her yesterday and I was like, “What am I supposed to do in this one particularly rough situation?” and she was like, “I don’t know, I haven’t slept in a while,” which was honest and funny and so we both laughed.

And today is her birthday. And we are lucky to have her.

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  1. This warmed my heart! I love in-law praise because there’s usually so preciously little of it. Happy birthday to your sister-in-law 🙂

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