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What I Wore Wednesday–Skinny jean edition

I got home from work today like, “Should I stay in this skirt? These constricting tights?…


For today is Fanksgiving, a holiday traditionally celebrated on Thanksgiving Eve and my circus socks are on and my colored-skinny jean game is rocking it tonight.


I bought this sweater second-hand last weekend. It has a gigantic green heart on it and the heart is even a little lop-sided and I just think that that’s a really cute idea.

So I’ve worn it twice and spilled ketchup on it once.

Do you want to see me do circus??!

Well, I cannot. I have no silks, no trapeze, no lyra. All I have is a dining room chair.

Superman dat life.
Superman dat life.

How good is a four-day break?!?!

I remember when I was in college and “break” was no such thing because I had to work retail (Lawd have mercy) and do the extra homework assigned by professors for our “extra days off.”


Thanks, God.

Serious boat is serious business.
Serious boat is serious business.

What do I hope to do over this break?

Well, party and craft, mostly.

And run the Turkey Trot tomorrow.

Keep it real, citizens.

Hit yo’ girl up if you like parties or crafts or prayers. Or hikes. Or singing.

Happy Fanksgiving.

Downward dawgy.
Downward dawgy.

Also…did I ever mention that I got an undercut? I got and undercut and me gusta mucho.


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