A prayer about planning

The hard thing about making a five- or ten-year plan, God, is that: you're much better at imagining than I am. You possess working knowledge of all of the hairs on all of the heads of every human who ever was, is, or ever will be, plus you direct the cosmos--all the stars and planets... Continue Reading →

On discerning

If you and I were both traveling vagabonds, but purposeful, more like pilgrims, but I was maybe older and more accustomed to traveling, and we met each other one night after dinner, over a fire in the back half-room of a hostel that overlooked a spindly but sincere garden, with dying embers and dying voices... Continue Reading →

Heart in tune

My brother has all of the musical stuff. He's the one who bought me my ukulele. He's the one who wakes up and goes downstairs to strum a few riffs through the orange amps in the basement. The other day, I walked downstairs, to where he was playing on one of his electrical guitars, and... Continue Reading →

Discerning Lake Michigan

They say that the waves on my beloved Lake Michigan reached a height of twenty feet last week--crests of far-flung fresh spray spouting into the grey sky. I love the Great Lakes: their wide expanses of blue touch me every time I travel to see them--I could look at them for hours. Often, on vacation,... Continue Reading →

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