Small winter poem 1 | Morning whale

I was driving to work this morning Eating oatmeal. I do this all the time, inexplicably, Even if I have enough time to sit at the table and eat. On some unconscious level, I'd rather balance the white corningware In the passenger seat, a partner in the morning's commute. Today I had filled the bowl... Continue Reading →

*Cliche saying about family/ memories*

It was my mother's birthday a few weeks ago. We had ice cream and deep dish pizza (her favorite). This past Mother's Day, she remarked as we drove to church, that her mother (my grandmother, Cecelia or, as I knew her, "Grandma D") would sometimes remember the day my mother was released from the hospital.... Continue Reading →

10 Childhood throwbacks

“It is impossible to give thanks and simultaneously feel fear.” -Ann Voskamp, One Thousand Gifts I was going to write a post with 50 things I'm grateful for, but that devolved into me talking about childhood memories. This is probably due to two things: (1) I went to a one year old's birthday party on... Continue Reading →

These beautiful moments

On Thursday, in the remaining moments of my lunch break, I walked up and around the city streets--enjoying the warming sunlight. I turned a corner and I heard music, live music, the kind played by a person looking for change on the corner. This wasn't your standard "play a few recognizable notes, move on to... Continue Reading →

Life can be so…life-y.

Life can be so…life-y I went on retreat. This you know. And here’s a photo of the retreat featuring some too-cute young’un’s who rescued some puppets I made out of paper lunch bags. It was beautiful, you know? My dear friends were there. The creative Josie and the crazy brother Thomas and Father Pio whose... Continue Reading →

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