Advent Friday #3

I was walking to get tacos for lunch yesterday with an old friend because: friends 4-ever. And also: tacos 4-ever. 4 real. A few weeks ago now, I gave a talk at the youth group where my friend volunteers. It was there that I learned that this friend, who I have known for years, was... Continue Reading →

Advent Monday #1

What does it mean to live in hope? I don't know. But today I stared at my anchor ring And wrote an email to someone Who might be able to take another few steps in the right (God? right?) direction. And if scary-trust in the goodness and provision of God isn't the crux of hope,... Continue Reading →

Advent Sunday #1

I usually sleep straight through the night. This is a grace, I know, And I am thankful for the blessing. To readers with restless legs and insomnia: I'm sorry. But a few night ago I was startled awake. I looked around frantic, Trying to determine what had shocked me alert. Half-awake, I roughly brushed my... Continue Reading →

Discerning Lake Michigan

They say that the waves on my beloved Lake Michigan reached a height of twenty feet last week--crests of far-flung fresh spray spouting into the grey sky. I love the Great Lakes: their wide expanses of blue touch me every time I travel to see them--I could look at them for hours. Often, on vacation,... Continue Reading →

Hope and other things

Saturday was my birfday. My mom (and dad) gave me a ring that I saw earlier in the year. I mentioned to my mother that I liked it, that I wanted to buy it, and she was like, “Or, you can just wait for it…” So, I did. And then it was mine, on Saturday.... Continue Reading →

What about when you have to wait?

On Sunday, after church and church-y things, I sat around with my brothers and the young, tall priest at my parents’ church and he was like, “Do you guys just want to jam?” because that’s how he talks. So, they began playing. They tried to stick to songs that the small crowd mingling about would... Continue Reading →

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