Sto lat, leetle blog

Sometimes I do this. I letcha know the blog behind-the-scenes. Basically, I have access to some basic stats about my readers (i.e. my computer knows, for instance, that you might be in the U.S. Past that, though, I know nothing. I don't know your address or your favorite color or even YOUR FAVORITE DINOSAUR AND... Continue Reading →

A few of my favorite things

This is not a sponsored post. I.e. I'm not receiving any ca$h-ola from this-here sharing. BUT! I wanted you to know about some things that I like. For science's sake. Three Dogs North. In the continued daytime-drama that is "My Life is either the weirdest or the coolest, take your pick," I met a seminarian... Continue Reading →

A post full o’ love!

Guys! Hello! Yesterday was a very special day...the birthday of the blog! One year old! I want to say that I'm floored by the follows, the comments, the times when people say things like, "So, I saw in your blog..." Thank you. Thanks for following (I don't even know most of you in real-life! Man,... Continue Reading →

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