Just to delight us

On Tuesday I drove even deeper downtown for a meeting. I work a few minutes' drive outside of the city center, now. But, anyway, I didn't mind the jaunt. It was sunny. And summer. And I had my windows down and everything smelled and seemed of sunshine and warmth and positivity. And then! Walking into... Continue Reading →

Ste. Anne’s Lace

It's a flower both delicate and hearty, Which is fitting for a city like Detroit (Just like our favorite derby girls, Fast flashes of women-on-skates, Bruising themselves and others on a polished ring). I'm always enlivened by the elaborate display Sponsored yearly, in the summer, By the stalky weed-flowers, Clumps of clustered white petals: Queen... Continue Reading →


Two hundred years ago, in 2011, I walked a bit of the Camino de Santiago. Sometimes life has a way of surprising you, you who show up with skeletal "plans" or maybe "visions." Ha. Hahahahaha. Almost a year before I walked the Camino, my brother had sent me a link to the Wikipedia article about... Continue Reading →

On flowers and summer and Detroit

I wish the frigid, promised kiss of winter didn't accompany the sun of these late-summer days Because then I could just open my arms unconditionally to the golden, warm haze of these too-short afternoons. Today I got off of work, carrying a basket of supplies to my far-parked car. I smiled at the blue sky,... Continue Reading →

Dogged insistence on beauty

It started out with this flower. This yellow one right here, growing out of some broken concrete, saturated against the sky. And I was like, I appreciate this flower's dogged insistence on introducing beauty to a broken world. Today I didn't want to be inside for lunch, cramped around my space heater, so I went... Continue Reading →

Flowers from glass shards

Here’s a non-secret: I work in Detroit. And as long as we’re sharing non-secrets: Detroit is riddled with crime and poverty. That was obvious, wasn’t it? But, here’s a second secret: the suburbs of Detroit are riddled with crime and poverty, too. The suburbs are surrounded by racism, in our hearts…and that’s both a crime... Continue Reading →

A Floral Celebration

I uploaded my pictures of these weekend and noticed an over-arching floral theme. This is not a photography blog by any means...but I think it's a nice way to outline what's been up these past few days. Maybe I'm just itchy to start gardening again...the garden is calling out to me. 🙂 I'm pro-flower. They're... Continue Reading →

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