So this is 29

Here's the thing about birthdays: it is the oldest you have ever been. So, there are any number of people turning, say, seventeen today. And, to me, that seems very, very young and what not. But, to them, it is the oldest they have ever been. And they're probably dealing with a bit of angst... Continue Reading →

Sto lat, leetle blog

Sometimes I do this. I letcha know the blog behind-the-scenes. Basically, I have access to some basic stats about my readers (i.e. my computer knows, for instance, that you might be in the U.S. Past that, though, I know nothing. I don't know your address or your favorite color or even YOUR FAVORITE DINOSAUR AND... Continue Reading →


There are twins in my family—Paul and Christine. And whenever someone says they have twins in their family, or maybe they are a twin themselves, I always say, “Oh! I have twins, too!” But then I back-track and say, “Well, I mean, I have twin siblings.” I don’t want it to sound like I have... Continue Reading →

State of the Union, 2014

So. It's birthday time on the blahg. WAIT A SECOND, before you jump to conclusions: is isn't my birthday, it's the blog's birthday. Happy birthday, blog! I've been writing for two years now, which is weird to think about. Because when I started I was kind of like, "Will I have enough of the things... Continue Reading →

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