This is my Camino. Welcome.

Lets chat five thangs

Let’s chat and catch up on thangs!

— 1 —

DSC06910My sister-in-law is over. She’s making curtains and we’re catching up. It’s glorious. So: I’m a little distracted.

— 2 —

I was textin’ about the stuffs with my sister earlier in the week, about life and decisions and what not. About: “Is this a good thing? Or is there another thing that would be better? Should I be looking in different directions?” At one point I was like:

We take this Camino a step at a time, eyes bloodshot for yellow arrows.

And that’s where I feel like right now, dog.

IN OTHER OF THE THINGS…if someone was thinking about doing a conference/ retreat for young adults in the late winter that was helpful and freeing and educational and empowering instead of condescending and immature…that might be a cool theme, wouldn’t it?

And it would also be cool to be in the city, in a space that was maybe urban and raw. Maybe exposed brick…but yes to big windows.

If you ever wondered what the inside of my mind looked like, this was a good example: ways to become better people overlapping with cool city architecture. Yep.

— 3 —

Potential character.
Potential character. “Vesper.” Te gusta?
Other things I’ve been thinking about would be: a comic series. The setting would be a fictionalized world, and the series would chronicle the fun and games (cough) of living a moral and upright existence using fantastical settings. La la la.

Holding me back: everything.

Prompting me forward:

  1. When I showed a few ladies the picture I drew of the women-with-weaponry, they all said, with perfect honesty, “Oh, this one is me, right?” and they all pointed out that the other ones were their friends, naming their friends as they pointed. And, while I drew those like, “these represent the women I know in general,” it was interesting to see people relate on that level.
  2. I only have one brand of humor, and it’s Catholicism sooooooooooooo I might as well create and laugh more, right?

— 4 —

I’m going to hang out with my sister and brothers and cousin and friends this weekend. Up north. And I’m quite excited.

I still need to pack. And we leave early in the morning tomorrow. Ha!!

— 5—


I opened the cupboard this morning like, “Oh it looks like mom bought me some gluten-free food” and GUESS WHO VANDALIZED THESE THINGS??

Someone made little labels that said, “Gluten” and affixed them to every package.

That kid.
That kid. (Favorites: “extra gluten” and “gluten twists”).

Also, currently listening to ——->

You’re welcome. 🙂

One thought on “Lets chat five thangs

  1. #2) Please do. And can you invite young marrieds too? And I like not condescending and immature. It’s a particular problem for young marrieds. Don’t you think it’s weird that we really don’t do anything for young marrieds in the AoD? Unless I am missing something? Because it’s a crazy vocation to live out in our world, and I know lots of us feel like we are drowning sometimes. Maybe this is an entirely different retreat/conference but maybe not. Maybe it’s just young adults in general that need more retreats/conferences that aren’t dumb. That is all.

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