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Last Advent I went on a small "retreat" where there were poems and reflections I read every day, and then I'd chat with a religious sister on the phone every evening. I think the point was to be like, "Hmmm, I could be a religious sister if I wanted!" but, that isn't exactly a path... Continue Reading →

Four photos: here’s what’s up

I don't have words at the moment. So, here are images. 🙂 My car's (THE NEW CAR!!) check engine light came on yesterday and I just about cried...that kind of week, ya'll. So, I went to adoration instead of crying (all about those healthy choices), and today my dad was like, "the internet says this... Continue Reading →

Labor Day SHE-nan-ee-gans.

On Thursday I was like, "Huh. The weekend is open, and a holiday weekend, no less. I should find something to do" and "I've wanted to walk this 35-mile trail since I heard about it last summer." So, I told my cousin, and she was on board for a Sunday-through-Monday hike. She did perform a... Continue Reading →

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