For Mothers

I was posting flyers through my local neighborhood when I found a couple of Mother’s Day cards in a local store. It was a small shop, hipster-run, and the cards were locally made, and I realized that this fit most of my qualifications for a good purchase, so I bought a card and sent it... Continue Reading →

*Cliche saying about family/ memories*

It was my mother's birthday a few weeks ago. We had ice cream and deep dish pizza (her favorite). This past Mother's Day, she remarked as we drove to church, that her mother (my grandmother, Cecelia or, as I knew her, "Grandma D") would sometimes remember the day my mother was released from the hospital.... Continue Reading →

Grandparents and faith

Last Sunday was Grandparent's day, which, let's be real, is probably a Hallmark holiday. But, I'm Catholic and it doesn't take much of an excuse to get me to celebrate, so that's just that. My father had a set of parents. His mother died when I was young, so young that memories of the news... Continue Reading →

For my grandma, who taught me to dance

If my grandmother was alive, either yesterday or today would have been her birthday. Except, I don't remember and my mother can't exactly place the date either. So, we're going with today. Happy birthday, Grandma D. This post deserves a disclaimer, lest you believe me to be something I'm not. I dance, but I don't... Continue Reading →

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