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New kicksssssssssssss

So, I work this job and stuff and I’ve heard that nurses will share that the seasons of the moon affect the people they work with and HOLY COW TODAY WAS JUST A FULL MOON KINDA DAY, friends.

And I was like, “My brain is fried. Perhaps a story will reveal itself for the blog.”

And then I drove home. And my mom was like, “You received a package in the mail.”

Did you ever hear that you need to write a letter to get a letter? It’s true. Here’s another tip: sometimes you need to internet-spend to receive a package. Magic. Bam. New kicks.


I’m not here to promo for Bass, but let me just tell you, these shoes are like walking on clouds and whenever my old pair wears out, I buy myself a new pair.

And today they arrived. Today I re-laced them (Bass-people, I understand the artistry of your pre-lace job, but it’s also a little cumbersome, and I’m not about that life), put them on and have been wearing them ever since.

A la Meet Molly.
A la Meet Molly.

And, that’s that. New shoes are awesome.

New shoes that last for months, match so many clothes, dance great, walk great, and vintage like it ain’t no thang are five times awesome. And that’s that.

Oh! And did you want a picture of Kiwi, the most photographed guinea pig in the internets? I thought so:


I’m also happy to report that it took me three meals, but I finished all my twinz-birthday Thai food tonight. Om nom!

I need to go snuggle an unhappy Kiwi, in the interim, here’s a clip that’s pure fun:


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