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Weekend recap, whyever not??

Hey ya’ll.

A few comments that I thought were funny and you might not but, hey, I try:

This morning when I said to Paul as he woke up, “Do you want to die?”
And he replied, “Not today.”

When I went out to Thai with friends and one ordered his spiciness a “hot” on the mild-medium-hot-superhot scale.
And then his face/ mouth/ sinuses burned bright red.
He was like, “What could be hotter than this?”
*momentary pause*
“Hell. Actual hell. That must be it. There’s a chute to hell somewhere in this restaurant.”

Yesterday my siblings were getting ready to leave, with Christine and Paul already in the car. Josh wasn’t ready so he muttered a quick, “Gosh! Do they think they can rush beauty or something?”

Here’re some shots of the weekend and some more stories:

We had a party on Saturday…

Julia presented her gift to David and Esther. So beautiful. So awesome.
Julia presented her gift to David and Esther. So beautiful. So awesome.
I fixed some hair. Here's an experiment by moi to my cousin, Hanna.
I fixed some hair. Here’s an experiment by moi to my cousin, Hanna.


I sewed a lot. My dress is nearing completion.

Sewing, like many things, helps me experience the full roller coaster of feels.

One moment I’m like, “Yeah! Making things with my hands! Being one with my ancestors! My grandfather was a tailor! I can sew, too!”

And the next I’m literally posting this as my Facebook status:


And the next I’m literally dragging a pattern piece from the guinea pig’s mouth after she swiped it and ran under the couch to eat it.
Thinkin' she's the queen.
Thinkin’ she’s the queen.

So many feels.

I went hiking, too.

This goober, Lee, balled his fingers into the center of his gloves and flapped the finger-parts back and forth and back and forth and said, “Look at me. Look what I can do! I’m, like, quadruple-jointed.”


To which Julia replied, “Wow. Did you ever think about joining a circus?”

And then Lee was like, “Wow. Did you ever think if things are going to be hurtful to someone else before you open your mouth? The circus. You think I have three heads or something?”


But, yeah, winter hike.

Seeing the sights.

Nature, ya’ll.


What did your weekend look like? Laughter? Friends?

I hope so!


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