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What I Wore Wednesday. Basically: a costume.

My boss literally said to me this morning, “What exactly are you wearing right now?”

And I was like, “Yeeeeeeeeeeeah, so, this was actually part of a costume. But I decided to wear it. Today. Anyway.”

And he was like, “It kind of looks like a costume.”

and I was like, “Yeah, well, I’ve already cycled through all of my winter things several times and I haven’t had the time to buy anything new…so I’ve just started reaching into the costume side of my clothes.”

But! He didn’t fire me.

I’m wearing the blouse.

Such is life.

Such is winter.

Ask this honey badger if she care, for she don’t.
Meet my blouse. It was a costume. Maybe it no longer is, maybe the whole world is a stage and the men and women are merely players who have their entrances and exits, thank you William Shakespeare. In which case, all clothes are costumes anyway.

It has a weird bow-thing at the top, and I never really know what to do with it so today I made it a side-bow. The sleeves are flowy, kind of like a silver screen movie actress (if you’re wondering if I’m ready to Foxtrot. Why, yes, yes I am). The material is probably a funky polyester blend. But, I apply deodorant and so we’ve had smooth sailing.

And: my blue velvet vest, my trusty grey skirt, and some knee-high boots with heels because the winter is long and the non-heel-friendly icy sidewalks have prevented me LONG ENOUGH.

Probably there is a version of Narnia somewhere where the White Witch of Winter has also shut out the appropriate wearing of heels. What a selfish woman.

Anyway, la and la and la dee da!

Crazy pose. I should get someone to guest post. This is borderline unacceptable.
Crazy pose. I should get someone to guest post. This is borderline unacceptable.

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