A Catechism

Who made us?
God made us. God who made the Rocky Mountains and the way grass smells after it has been cut and the way breath turns to curling fog in the cold also made us. He had light dance through prisms and wind rustle through leaves and moss grow on places like roots and rocks and also he formed things like muscle mass and fingernails and the way your hairline dips around your ears.

Why did God create me?
He created me so He could sing me a love song, every day, the most beautiful song, beyond what we can imagine–full of hope and wonder and love and delight. A song for dancing, a song for praising, a song for knowing light and life and knowing it deeply and fully and profoundly.

And I have an eternal soul so He could do this for eternity. A love song, from here until forever, for me to bask in and absorb.

What must I do?
He has given me a will. I am able to decide. But my favorite option is: to sing back. And for me to sing back is also why He made me, and also why He rejoiced, the day I was born, and took my first breath in this world of carbon and oxygen, and wailed because of the light and the cold and the unknowns.

But that wail was a promise. I had, just then, my first singing lesson.

And God rejoiced. Of the hope of it all.


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