Our Lady of Detroit

Been working on some art, fam. Well, this one is some older art, from the summer vacation I took with my cousin, Hanna, on the western side of the state in the dunes and trees and water and beauty of Lake Michigan. Bam: Te gusta? I call her, "Our Lady of Detroit," made originally for... Continue Reading →

Confessions of a Reluctant Devotee

Blah, blah, blah. I started typing out the history of my faith life just now. But I bored myself and figured that wasn’t a good sign. Someday if we meet in real-life, real-time, we should go out for gluten-free pizza and talk about our experiences of faith and I’ll elaborate there. But, not here. Instead... Continue Reading →

What song would you sing at the Visitation?

This week. Hit a few bumps on the let's-take-twenty-people-to-Spain road. Over-committed to too many things (and therefore frustrated myself because I couldn't accomplish all of them and emerge a functioning human being). Didn't learn my lesson, though, and continued to say "yes"! This is me. So I go to confession all, "Hi. I'm really good... Continue Reading →

Mind-blowing coloring results

Hello. Approximately one million years ago I posted a picture on my blog and told people that, if they colored it and sent it to me, they would be featured on my blog. Holy guacamole, these are fantastic. Please, enjoy. This is the first time I've included a gallery on the blog. If you click... Continue Reading →

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