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What I Wore Wednesday | Dress


Things have been hipping and hopping and happening. Namely: all of our city and the neighboring cities have flooded and everyone has been hauling everything out of their basements and disposing of it on the curbsides. It’s tough, dirty work. Hard, too, since a lot of things are memory-things, now water-damaged and moldy and taken out to the dump forever.

Oh, and some of my family was returning from vacation while all of this natural disaster was going down and I was returning from a week away for a work-assignment (not to be confused with being on vacation let’s just be clear 😉) so things would have been a little helter-skelter without the addition of holy-snipes-there’s-mold-growing-everywhere.

I woke up this morning like, “Meh.” So, I pulled out a wrinkled polo shirt and a bland skirt like, “I think this is all I’ve got.”

But, then, in the shower I was like, “Pull it together. Dress better, feel better!” So I looked in my closet to see if any of my dresses were ironed and wouldn’t ya know it this one was. Bam. Made the cut.

You know what I love about dresses? You put one on and you look insta-great. And everyone is like, “Man, you look smokin’ today!” but you’re just like, “Thaaaanks, all I did was zip a zipper.”

And, honestly, this one is a wrap-around, so I didn’t even need to contribute that much effort.

Sigh. Three solid cheers for summer. Where I tie a bow, fasten my sandals, and head out to days of sunny adventure. No coat, no hat, just me and the sun and my dress.

This dress, for the record, was bought secondhand one day when my oldest brother had me over for dinner and then we went to the thrift store and I was like, “Ah! A navy dress, how functional!”

And I was not mistaken.


2 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday | Dress

    1. Wellll, I bought it from a secondhand shop. 🙂 But, I think it might originally be from Target? I’m not a huge fan of Target clothing, generally, but I appreciated the detailing as well!

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