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Ginger Rogers, trips to the fabric store, and dress-dreams

I just got back from my New Year’s Retreat.

And it was so good. So much good. So much that I wanted even more–more holy chats and more laughter and more sweet, silent prayers with my most loved Jesus who pours love and grace into my heart nonstop.

You would think I would start typing and just word-vomit all over this here keyboard.

But, I am Seashell Nell and I am FULL OF SURPRISES.

So instead we’re going to talk about dresses.

Talk talk talk.

Soooo, Snowball is coming up. “Snowball” being the winter-dance my parents throw to unite the community in the dreary winter and what not.

And I use the opportunity to make myself a beautiful dress, usually. 🙂

My inspiration this year comes from the impeccable Ginger Rogers and a dress she wore in “Swing Time.” Well, one of her dresses. And I think the most popular/ iconic one is this one:

Oy! Sourced here.
Oy! Sourced here.

Isn’t she stunning?

“How can I keep my mind on the music when she’s dressed like that?” Source.
“How can I keep my mind on the music when she’s dressed like that?” Source.

But, I love and love and love and salivate over this one whenever I watch her little clip with her Fred.

Be still, mine heart!

The drape is stunning and they’re so light on their feet and she’s so impossibly, impossibly thin, is she not?

The classic pair. src.
The classic pair. src.

But I also love the Peter-pan like collar. And the sleeves…although I’m not sure how that would work.

They are the cutest. The cutest. src.
They are the cutest. The cutest. src.

So, this is where I am. I want that-ish dress. I love the flow and the sleeves and the collar and the classic cut.

I’m not sold on black, because I live my life in technicolor, but, I was thinking about it and realized that it could be a different color–like, for instance, a rich, dark forest green–and we just don’t realize it because we’re watching it in black and white.

Kind of like seeing the Adam’s Family set in actuality:

Yes. It was pink.
Yes. It was pink.


In sum I was looking for:

  1. A dancing-skirt
  2. Feminine cut
  3. Peter pan collar
  4. Sleeves. For no reason. I’ve never wanted them before. But this year, they’re on my heart.

From hence is where we come. I researched some patterns, and these were my three favorites. A break down. They’re Simplicity, but I swiped the images just for ease. 🙂 If you want, you can comment. (Mostly: Lauren, Cait, Julia and Kathryn. Because they’re the ones who do).


Option one.
Option one.

Theeeeeeeeeeeeees was my first option. I like the pleats, yes?

Not sold on the drop-waist though. It’s OK, but it kiiiinda reminds me of the type of Mormons who live in giant communities with sister-wives. So, this was on the list of nice dresses, but I was still looking.

Second option.
Second option

And then I was like: “Collar! Sleeves! Spinny skirt! POCKETSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!” and I knew this was in the line-up. Knew it.


But this one has stolen my heart. I love the funky, artsy-cut. I love it. That skirt is made for dancing. Positively. And I feel like I could add a Peter Pan collar with my sewing skillz and the internet.

I would so love to hear your opinions, though.

Please please and pretty please and I will send you postcards of gratitude.


4 thoughts on “Ginger Rogers, trips to the fabric store, and dress-dreams

  1. Ok so I do not like the second one. Gonna be brutally honest. The first one has potential and for some reason the model reminds me of Daisy from Downton Abbey. Something about it says 80s to me though.
    The third one looks CUUUUTE. I love Cynthia Rowley. Love. I buy her dresses at TJMaxx a lot because they are flattering and well made. However with all the piping, etc. it might be labor intensive. Plus adding the collar might distract from the piping, etc. The skirt has twirly potential and I like that it is knee-length. And I like the sleeveless version.
    Also, I feel like only super tall people could pull off the Ginger Rogers dress without looking like the mom on That 70s Show.
    So that’s my two cents.

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