This is my Camino. Welcome.

I just bought four and a half yards of material

Because my fam hosts a dance in like a week and a half (link because: you’re invited) and you know what? I’m down for that challenge.

Why accomplish anything unless you have tight deadlines, right?

Jesus help us.

I went to one fabric store earlier this week. The stuff was okay, but not great. So then I pulled out the big guns. The fancy fabric store downtown. (Did I even go to JoAnn’s? No. Not this time. Ain’t. Nobody. Got. Time.).

Thing about the fancy stores is, all the stuff is expensive, you know?


This particular store, man. I walk in and it’s like the air is more expensive.

It sure is beautiful, though.

One time, when life was rough and full of stress (was I in college?), I remember that I came here in the dead of winter and sat in front of their remnants shelves and refolded all of their piles of fabrics for, like, a couple of hours, which sounds silly and stupid, BUT, in that moment, it was the only connection I had to beauty and I took it, man.

I ended up in front of the remnants shelves again today. I pulled out material after material, held them up, under my chin, in front of the poorly lit mirror in the back (I find that a huge part of material selection is…does the color look good?)

And I found one! A sweet vintage-y poly-mix print that’s a soft blue with a whisper of purple (shall we say…periwinkle? It’s fun to say, at least) and it has an abstract-like lily-of-the-valley print scattered all over it.

These are Lily of the Valley. For reference.

I’d take a picture but it’s dark out, ya’ll. And darkness makes not for good photos.


Now it’s time to pick a pattern.

(Did I lose EVERY MALE READER yet? Almost? A girl can try).

Want to look at patterns and vote?


Not saying your votes necessarily count because, it depends on the sales at JoAnn’s (*cough*) sometimes, man, but, here is what I like:

1. Full skirt
2. Fitted bodice

The classics.

I will also add pockets to just about everything I sew from here until the Lord takes me home. I have decided. I am an adult, I pay bills, and I have decided.

Other things that I think might look good with this particular vintage-y print:

1. Subtle sweetheart neckline. If done well, it screams vintage
2. Cap sleeves


I thought so.

Behold ye–in the order I found them, not in the order of favorites:

Simplicity 8294. I think the sash is presh. I think the collar is presh. I don’t know that the skirt is full enough for my preference, but all in all–presh.
Simplicity 8259. Check out that button detailing. That subtle sweetheart collar. Those cat eyeglasses. Meow.
This is the same one. I just wanted you to see the skirt.
Simplicity 8248. I’M FLOORED BY THIS PATTERN. I think that it is darling and beautiful and precious. I’m not sure it’s the right one for a dance…but isn’t it exquisite and classy and mysterious and feminine?? I want to wear it to a train station in a 1930’s-based mystery film for the silver screen.
Simplicity 8051. The back detailing is bae. Obvi.
This particular one is Simplicity 6393, but I have similar Princess-seamed patterns at home. I just thought I’d toss the option–simple, classy, elegant.
Do you ever look at a pattern and think, “Geez, if it doesn’t look good made by a professional and on a size negative four model, maybe I won’t have much luck with it either”? Ladies and gents (if any gents made it this far)…I present…New Look pattern 6675.
I DO NOT KNOW THAT I HAVE THE PINTUCK SKILL NECESSARY BUT LOOK AT THAT BACK DETAILING OH SAINTS HAVE MERCY. Vogue pattern, though. Of course. Us peasants don’t usually have things that nice. Vogue 1446.
Butterick 6412. The sleeves would probably not happen…but the bodice detailing? I like it. I like the skirt flair, too.
Butterick 6094. Two words: back detailing. Need I say more? LOOK at that back detailing.


Those hyperlinks take you to more pics of each dress, too. So, look, listen, access. And then comment. And I’ll see those in the morning when I wake up and from there prayerfully discern my future.

My future with the dress, that is. My future with anything else would take more prayers.

Other things that I will need to do, then: check the sales this weekend at JoAnn’s. 😉

Ya’ll are the best and that’s why I love you even if you were the worst and lived under my bed as a dust bunny.




4 thoughts on “I just bought four and a half yards of material

  1. I like the grey one with the button details and the neckline. I wonder if you could make the skirt more full with a crinoline. Otherwise, I like 6094. That skirt and back detail says party to me. The vogue one is so beautiful, but looks awfully complicated.

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