On the eve of the summer solstice

Is there anything better than coming home too-late on a summer's night because the friends were too fun and the conversations too rich and the night just-warm-enough? And is there anything better than your skin being kind of dirty from a mix of the sweat of the day and the mosquito repellent you spritzed on... Continue Reading →

Ste. Anne’s Lace

It's a flower both delicate and hearty, Which is fitting for a city like Detroit (Just like our favorite derby girls, Fast flashes of women-on-skates, Bruising themselves and others on a polished ring). I'm always enlivened by the elaborate display Sponsored yearly, in the summer, By the stalky weed-flowers, Clumps of clustered white petals: Queen... Continue Reading →

Journey on

The early morning air of these summer days beckons me to adventure, adventure, adventure. It whispers to me about early morning hikes over mountains and through the pines... Or early city-smells on new roads, with fresh cheese and fruit bought from shops where sometimes they speak your language and, sometimes, they don't. And I'm thirsty... Continue Reading →

A mad jumble of life

On Monday I held a baby and her mom said, "If you sing a song, she'll sing, too," even though the baby is too young for words (or even, probably, coherent thought). So I sang a song from Broadway's "Peter Pan," and the mom said, "I think you need to sing a song she knows,... Continue Reading →

These (beautiful?) moments no. 2

Heh. Heh heh. Irony!! I was like, "Yeah! Let me start a series where I talk about all the things and how they're beautiful!!" Stupid me. (One time ask me and I'll tell you about the time I prayed for humility. Heh again). Yesterday I accidentally forgot about lunch plans with MY OWN SISTER IN... Continue Reading →

These beautiful moments No. 1

Yesterday I was watering my beautiful, green, stretching plants with the hose. I let my bare toes curl and uncurl in the grass; my feet stupid-soft from a winter in shoes. The sun was beginning to send slanting shadows and the guinea pigs were behind me in the lawn and the birds were yelling at... Continue Reading →

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