On travelling to Bethlehem

I've never been to the Holy Land But I've been to other lands, holy to me. I didn't go because I was required by order (Unless you count the order of Whispers-in-my-heart). I cannot say I've shared their experience But, the human experience is full of comparable moments, isn't it? It has always struck me:... Continue Reading →

Super short reflection!

When I was a little kid I would like to a radio program called "Adventures in Oddessy" where the main character was named "Mr. Whittaker" and he ran an ice cream shop called "Whit's End" where he would basically have adventures and tell kids about Jesus. In all of their publications, Whit looked something like... Continue Reading →

I’m home

Reflections: There's stuff in my house. My mind is having a hard time with this. I have a drawer full of shirts. SHIRTS. I can wear any of them, because they're all clean. Gluten-free pizza. Bet your boots I ate one half of that puppy. No regrets. I didn't leave my shower very clean when... Continue Reading →

July 27–Last but not least, our boy Carl

It's fair to say that Carl is the celebrity of the group. One of my pilgrim's told me, "I feel like he's way cooler than us. I still hold him on the Socceresque pedestal." Another pilgrim was like, "I'm so glad he's coming; I LOVE Carl." So! Pray for this one...the beloved one.

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