Numbered thoughts

I have things I want to say, but not a lot of time to dedicate to them because, by golly, I'd love to pray prayers and wash my face and be in bed by a reasonable hour today. Because, checking all of those boxes may be something I'd love to do this week. Instead, talk... Continue Reading →


I wore this: But, I mean, is that all that exciting? Maybe not. Instead I'll tell ya: I drove mi padre to the North American International Auto Show today. (BACK SEAT DRIVER. GET OUT MAH CAR. At one point I was like, "Tell me how to do one more thing, and I will tell you... Continue Reading →

Some faces y places

What's on my mind right now? The Play in a Day. On Saturday. Really, it is. But, you deserve more. So! A run-down of things! I went with Paul to the Farmer's Market on Saturday. I love me a good Farmer's Market, honest, I do. Homeboy picked out some cacti and I was on the... Continue Reading →

The newest burrito

So, one time, on the Camino de Santiago '13, it was the evening and I was making everyone say their "highs and lows" for the day. On this one day, Carlie and Jesus (the dewd, not the Son-of-God, although the Son-of-God was undoubtedly present) passed a place with a litter of PUPPIES!! Puppies puppies puppies!... Continue Reading →

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