This is my Camino. Welcome.

Did you want to see Colorado pics?

Yeah, so, I went to Colorado. And then I came back and we jumped into Holy Week and I never shared or chatted about the great Sunshine-y State.

But, I’ve got another post up today about Holy Week so, why not just add both??

Oh, and I could add a gallery and all your clicks would do things and give me blogger-points but, I’m not about that life. You can just enjoy. From here.

I present! Pictures! In semi-chronological order but no particular interest!

Found a yellow arrow. MUST BE HEADED IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION! #Camino Life.
Found a yellow arrow. MUST BE HEADED IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION! #Camino Life.


My car was totes cute. I loved it. We adventured together. I practiced parallel parking with it so that I wouldn’t be lame.

Oh! And I stopped by the house of Molly Brown!

Molly Brown home, right in the middle of Denver.
Molly Brown home, right in the middle of Denver.

She’s best known for surviving the sinking of the Titantic. BUT! Did you know that she was a devoted Catholic-lady? I DIDN’T EITHER! The tour guide was like, “She was a devout Christian-lady…”

But I noted the rosary and the kneeler and the crucifix and the prayer book in her room and I was like, “You can’t fool me!”

I am Sherlock Holmes.

(I’m not, actually).


The tour guide credited her faith with saving her little life-raft, because the sailors rowing the thing gave up but she was like, “Awwww, no” and rallied the other ladies with songs and prayers and encouragement and, as the musical notes (heh), she didn’t die. She lived.

And on the tour I learned that her desire to study foreign languages helped her explain what what happening to the third-class cabin passengers, as the announcements of the sinking ship came only in English. And, once saved, she rallied the other wealthy survivors into collecting $10,000 for the poor who lost everything–wealth, husbands, fathers, etc.–and managed the fund. She also wired ahead to New York so the churches could network and care for these newly needy.

As for her losses? DEWD. First of all, she was coming from Egypt with some artifacts for the Denver museum (whaaat?? Who even lives this kind of life?), and those were lost. Also, check out this claim she submitted. A copy was displayed at the museum-house. Ha. I loved it. Loved it. Homegirl’s vocation was to be a wealthy woman, and she did her part, clearly.

(She was really neat. I’m just giving an overview. You should study her more).

Other cute part of the tour? The tour guide was like, “Her grandson was ill, and she received a telegram in Egypt that he was in the hospital. So she rushed home the fastest way she could find–on the Titanic.”

And then a little girl (eight?) on the tour snort-laughed because, really, it wasn’t the quickest or safest way. Ha! So cute!


Then I went to the mountains. They were so beautiful! Do you see the snow on the tops of those mountains in the distance? Where there aren’t any trees? That’s because they’re ABOVE THE TREE LINE!! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!! Such height! Much mountains!


And there were horses! And the air was so clear…and thin. 😀


I had a hard time breathing…but not a hard time yelling out, “OH MAN!!” every time I rounded a bend on those white-knuckle highways. Seriously beautiful.


Here I am on the porch of the cabin where we stayed, eating peanut butter (shout out to those who can’t eat protein the traditional ways!), in the sun, looking at mountains, and praying with St. Ignatius.

I. Live. The. Life.

Holy cow, how special.


These are the people I went on retreat with. And they are all officially the cutest. They probably all have certificates of cute somewhere in their homes.

I totes was this weird duckling with a strange accent and strange clothes (and I toned them down!) who watched this little parish-family organism interact like a little parish family and it was touching and precious, but they were beyond sweet and kind and welcoming to me, too!

Again, so cute.

Ack!! My heart! Stretching from cute!


One day the sun rose like this and it was STUNNING.

Again, living the life.


And then I left. I had to go back to my people.


But first I stopped at a SHRINE of/ for ST. FRANCIS XAVIER CABRINI (who knew, right?? She worked in Denver!) and I walked around and prayed and sipped from the spring miraculously-sprung-from-rock and now I think we’re friends. Pretty much. I want to be her. Or, rather, I want to be more like her. 😉 I took a million of these quotes-photos…but just picked one of my favorites for ya.

Candles @ St. FXC chapel.
Candles @ St. FXC chapel.
And then I went to Target: bought yogurt and travel-sized bottles so I could give the spring-water-sprung-from-a-rock due to the prayers of St. FXC to my friends. I went to the post office: mailed postcards and told the dewds working there that Detroit is pretty cool (I did. They told me they liked my hair.)

And then I went dancing with just the most lovely people.

May God bless them all because I sure wouldn’t want to encounter myself getting out of silence.

We got some snacks from a vintage hamburger stand (fries for me!)

And I loved it. I just loved it.

disguiseThe next day was a day for exploring more of Denver. I stopped by the museum of doll houses. First glance–weird and weird. But, it grew on me and I was sold.

At first you’re like, “What? Why are adults doing all of these things?”

But then the signs were like, “Doll houses and other models are used for all kinds of things: for teaching children, for sets for movies, for officers planning battles…”

And I was like, “Yeah, they are kind of cool, I guess.”

That little man-doll was a toy from the 1940’s/ 50’s I want to say…he’s a Master of Disguise. 🙂 Note the plastic masks and wigs you can use to throw enemies off of your trail!


Pause for effect. And then I saw…

…THE CIRCUS-ROOM!! A miniature model made by a man who GREW UP in the circus. An entire room (albeit small) was dedicated to the model–a really interesting insight into the life of both the circus performers and that era of Americana.

The Big Top would come first, and the town would know the circus was coming. The elephants were the last to arrive, signaling that things were ready to roll–what fun!



Hipster lunch. I wasn’t sure if those crackers were gluten-free, but I assured myself by reminding myself that they were kind of tasteless, so of course they were. 😛

And then I meandered and jet-lagged and was delayed on my flight. Do I have more pics? Yeah. Are they interesting? Meh. Hard to say. I’ll show three more, since you’ve been so good:

The cute old man who was giving tips at the airport. :D
The cute old man who was giving tips at the airport. 😀

He was like, “You’re carrying a lot.”

But that was because Spirit was playing tricky trickster games and I decided to beat them by loading my “purse” so the weight wouldn’t penalize me in my luggage. Ha!

This granny-doll was in the doll museum. I took this picture so I could scare people and make them fear me. Or something.
This granny-doll was in the doll museum. I took this picture so I could scare people and make them fear me. Or something.

And, lastly, ta-da!! Colorado!!


Thanks for joining me for the ride!


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