Sides of Love

When I pulled into the driveway yesterday, I noticed that someone had taped a large, long sign Over the picture window in our living room. The sign was in three colors, Congratulating my youngest brother For completing his first day of new training. I greeted him when he came home, tired but happy. He smiled... Continue Reading →

The quickest of the quick takes

--- 1 --- It's taken me years and years but, I finally convinced someone to come with me to a circus class. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I present: your boyyyyy! That's a really, really nice looking foot lock, Mr. Josh! (All day long he meant to say, "Cirque du Soleil" when we were... Continue Reading →

Family life family time

I live with my family. The direction we’re going is: in Catholic culture, we talk a lot about “community life” meaning, that life when you’re living with other people. And usually the verdict is that it’s hard and rough and requires virtue and more virtue to make it through. Maybe. But, I’m partial to that... Continue Reading →

These daily moments

On Friday my youngest brother turned older because it was his birthday. In my family, sometimes, if you’re lucky, you get to pick what you have for dinner when it’s your birthday, and Josh has picked Kentucky Fried Chicken every year for the past many (to my mother’s chagrin), so that was what happened on... Continue Reading →

My personal 15 Triduum favorites

This year I visited with friends and parted with, "Merry Triduum!" because I wasn't sure of the correct greeting. But then a different friend wished me an "Epic Triduum" which fits better, doesn't it? I didn't take pictures of the events on Friday or Saturday. Sometimes it's just better to be present than to rush... Continue Reading →

May Crafting Challenge!

Way back in middle school I knew a dude named "Gabe," and he signed up for the Crafting Challenge! (For May. I did complete this in May, by the way...just didn't post until now). Now, I don't really see Gabe around all that often...but I did run into him at the family's Snowball in January... Continue Reading →

Josh is a gooberfish. Episode 5,000

I work relatively normal working hours. This is because I am an old woman with a degree and a steady job. The same cannot be said for the other members of my family, though. I have three siblings who live with me in the same house--all three still at various stages in their college careers.... Continue Reading →

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