This is my Camino. Welcome.

She’ll be comin’ round that mountain

Oh HEY!!

I’m here! In Colorado! In my own hotel room like an ADULT, yo!!

How was the trip? Well, take-off was rough, but I was sitting in a row with two kidlets, twins, nine years old…and it was hilarious. They had approximately a million questions about everything, but I felt like a qualified adult because I was able to (mostly) give them answers (“What’s that lady doing?” “She’s going to talk to us about safety procedures.” “Are we going to fly over an ocean?” “No.”).

Two and a half hour flight. Long flight? Nope. Until you’re nine, I guess. But, I taught them some games…and ran out of games with little over an hour of flight yet.

Them: “Do you want to play ANOTHER game?”
Me: “How about I tell you a story?”
Them: “Oh! OK!”
Me: “What kind of story do you want?”
Them: “Scary.”

Cue scary stories. Some from real-life (like the time I met my guardian angel on the Camino or the time I slept on the floor in El Salvador and I thought the bugs falling from the ceiling in the dark were SCORPIONS), some made up (I was worse at those, “And then he found…on the window…that someone has written ‘beware’…IN BLOOD”).

Together we saw the mountains for the first time. I think there’s something very special about seeing mountains for the first time, and to share that wonder with children is extra special. We looked out my little window (window seats 4ever!) and saw cars and a train as we neared the airport, “How beautiful!” they were exclaiming.

Towards the end of the flight they started hinting, “When is your flight BACK?” (Sorry, kids, late, late at night).

And as we walked off the plane, “I’m going to miss youuu!” they said, “Hugs!!”

So then I hugged kids exiting a plane and laughed.

And then I picked up my rental car and couldn’t figure out how to turn off the windshield wipers on a dry, dry night and apparently in the process turned off my headlights so some friendly Denver-folk ushered me off the road and helped me out. Friendly!

Anyway, I’m here, I’m safe, and I’m looking forward to adventure.

Sorry for lack of photos…but, I think the other patrons of this hotel are wary of the amount of time I’ve already spent on this computer.

Love and love,

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