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The newest burrito

This is Carlie and I stole her photos.
This is Carlie and I stole her photos.
So, one time, on the Camino de Santiago ’13, it was the evening and I was making everyone say their “highs and lows” for the day.

On this one day, Carlie and Jesus (the dewd, not the Son-of-God, although the Son-of-God was undoubtedly present) passed a place with a litter of PUPPIES!! Puppies puppies puppies! And they were SO CUTE, they said!

“So cute,” Jesus said, “like…like…a little burrito!”

And I haven’t stopped laughing.

Because the standard of cute was a burrito.

I find that funny.


"And I put him in my hat!" -Jesus
“And I put him in my hat!” -Jesus
I have a new burrito.

He was dropped off at my house the week of my birthday–a new guinea piggy. And now he is my burrito.

I named him “Franklin.” He is mostly brown with white paws and a cute strip of white across his leetle burrito tummy. His face is the color of a sweet potato, and his ears curl and flap under, just as a guinea pig’s ears should.

Sometimes I call him “Frank-a-lin,” adding and extra syllable. My dad started calling him “Frankie” yesterday and I’m not sure how I feel about that.

As far as piggies go, he’s so cute and so good. He wants snuggles and lots of snuggles and oh, hey, you walking past my cage, you’re walking there because you want to give snuggles, right?? He says, “Love me and love me all the time!”

Yes, yes, Franklin, of course.
Yes, yes, Franklin, of course.

He likes to be held under my chin, nice and cozy.

Guinea pig bellies. So pudgy-cute.
Guinea pig bellies. So pudgy-cute.
He gets jealous if we pet Kiwi and not him every single one of the times.

He doesn’t like any greens or fruits (guinea pig scandal!!)

He squeaks loudly in the morning when I wake up, before the sun and I say, “Shhh! Franklin! Everyone is sleeping!” and then I feed Kiwi first since she’s near the food and he squeaks, “And me! And me! AND FRANKLIN!” and I’m like, “I know, child, and I’m coming.”

Will there be more photos? Undoubtedly. But you can start with these.

And you can send positive vibes. Homeboy got fixed yesterday. 🙂

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