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A Day of Play…in May.

Self-promote? Who? Me? On my own blog? Never.


But! In YOUR interest, here’s something really, really cool which you should think about: Play in a Day.

What, what, what is this insanity, you ask?

Basically, I’ve invited some of the most disgustingly-talented people I know to gather. I’m just going to throw them together and be like, “Go! Be free! Be creative!”

Well, not exactly.

I’m going to give them parameters…and a time frame.

The time frame is: by 7:00 p.m. on Saturday, May 10th, we perform what we’ve pulled together that day, be that music or dance or drama or whatever. And you’re invited. Performance location: 241 Pearson Street, Ferndale, MI (in the gym-auditorium).

For those short on time: that’s all you need to know.

For those who come to browse and overindulge on the thangs I type: READ ON!

Why am I doing this?

For several reasons.

Reasons which are more-or-less politically correct:

  1. Because I have so many talented friends and they don’t usually act anymore

    We steer clear of community theaters for several reasons. The first is: they take huge commitments, which is challenging. The second: often you’d be performing in shows with messages you don’t support (in the name of art! smh). So: less acting. Humbug!

OK, so, apparently there was only one non-religious reason? Huh. I thought I was motivated by less-Jesus, but APPARENTLY NOT, and, frankly, I don’t really care.

Reasons which have to do with my (admittedly bizarre) spirituality

  1. My saint for the year

    St. Vitus. Taken from here.
    St. Vitus. Taken from here BONUS NOVENA! :D.
    Sometimes Catholics (and maybe Anglicans? I know they have saints, too) pick saints-for-the-year. Remember when I picked St. Elmo back in, what, 2012? 😀 Well, this year I picked St. Vitus a little after midnight a little outside of the ever-stunning chapel at Marytown. I closed my eyes and pulled a card with his name from a Christmas tree. And I made Kathryn read to me about him as I drove home the next day. He’s the patron saint of THEATER and DANCING and DOGS and I was like, “BEST SAINT, BEST SAINT, BEST SAINT!!11!” (I’ve also had the patron saint of insanity and the patron saint of stomach ailments, so I feel like a happy rest is well-deserved. Not that I don’t love St. Dymphna and St. Elmo, obviously).

    So, he’s kind of a patron of this, too.

  2. Good art inspires good art

    While on that same retreat one of my girl-crushes (JL, coughcoughcough) executed an astounding skit with a team of people. The blocking and stage movements were awe-inspiring. I was touched, and I was like, “This. We need more of this.”

    So, I’m doing this so we can all see and watch and learn and be inspired, too.

  3. We need to use our creativity

    I read a great quote in a magazine by the dewd who produced/ directed (? not sure which, but I’ll cover all the bases, and may get one correct!) Much Ado About Nothing a summer or so ago. He was like, “We need to do beautiful things, because otherwise you’ll look back on your life and be like, ‘Yeah, Friday nights we play poker,’ and there’s nothing wrong with playing poker. It’s just…one day you’ll look back and realize that that was your life.”

    Mmmkay, so that was a paraphrase, but it struck me. I believe in trying and creating and discovering and connecting. Poker is OK, too, but it isn’t nearly as wonderful.

  4. Community, community, community

    I know all these cool people and I want them to get together and make art and friendships and everything!!!

  5. Love alone creates

    The theme I’ve been loving. I can’t stop.

  6. That’s it


But, you should still consider coming. It’ll be low-key and community-oriented…and fun. And maybe a disaster. But maybe not. And there’s only one way to find out: and that’s to try. And what better way to try than with friends (like you?) I can’t think of a better way.

(I also can’t think of better yogurt than this toasted-coconut-vanilla because IT’S REALLY GOOD.)

(I typed this while eating toasted-coconut-vanilla yogurt).

(The end.)

Play in a Day
Saturday, May 10th.
7:00 p.m.

241 Pearson Street
Ferndale, MI

(Oh, and it’ll be donation-based. Liiiiike, $5. Unless you can’t afford that. It’s only because I was required to pay for the insurance policy and stuff. Otherwise I’d do it for free).

These super cool people are coming.
These super cool people are coming.

Sending love,

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