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So close to Spring!

I wore my spring jacket on Friday.

At least, I thought I did.


Since my sister and I are so close in age/ size/ awesome (ahem) we have matching coats, purchased the same year (Costco!). Hers has her NAME embroidered on the front so I’m not sure how I mixed this up, but I accidentally grabbed hers as I flew out the door to work. It wasn’t until I felt in the pockets until I realized something was up. I felt a rubber wristband in the right-hand pocket and pulled it out, confused.

It was a pink wristband with a butterfly and the words “Worth Waiting For” stamped into the rubber and I wondered to myself, “How did this get into my jacket pocket?”

And then I realized it wasn’t my jacket.

Other things of note in my sister’s pockets:

  1. Rooster tail feather hair extensions
  2. A Costco receipt (but, she doesn’t belong to Costco! I don’t understand!)
  3. A pamphlet on the Divine Mercy Chaplet
  4. A rosary from Bethlehem (BABY JESUS!)
  5. Chapstick
  6. Wadded-up Kleenex. I traded them for clean Kleenex as an act of apology for taking her jacket
  7. A very-old, very-faded coupon

It was one of those weird experiences where suddenly you see a different, internal side of a person. Kind of like walking a mile in their shoes, if you will. πŸ™‚


Other things I did this weekend: crafts. At least, I started some crafts…for the April crafting challenge. I’ll keep you posted!

(I also went out to dinner with Kathryn and Brian, and they are so cute that I wanted to take lots of pictures, but I didn’t. I WILL NOT SHARE MY FRIENDS. Or more like I didn’t want to spoil the very special moments.)


On Saturday my aunt took my cousin and I on a “mystery trip” to visit one of the historic, wealthy homes in our area. We ate lunch, meandered the grounds, and viewed a photography exhibit.


The grounds had these wee blue-purple flowers covering certain areas…so pretty!

I have no idea what kind of flower they were, but they sure were lovely!

ClaravotesThis is my all-star birthday-buddy cousin. Part of tour included a brief janut through a photography exhibit dedicated to dogs…a mutual love of ours.

We wandered through the rooms and learned about the dogs. Under each picture was a jar. Every visitor was given a blue chip with which to “vote” for their favorite image. Here is my cousin with her vote and the puppy she voted for–mostly because it reminded her of her dog-next-door.

There was a border collie roaming the grounds named “Hank” who we saw as well. He was a happy guy…and we soon learned why. Apparently it is his job to chase the Canadian geese from the extensive grounds so that they don’t leave their messes behind for the visitors. What a win-win situation, eh? The dog gets to run all day and there are no geese harassing visitors. I applaud the creative solution! πŸ™‚


Clara and I also designed some cars, too. πŸ™‚ So, we had a lovely, pleasant time.


In other news, Kiwi made friends with our neighbor’s dog. At least, she thinks they’re friends. I’m a helicopter pet-owner and still a bit wary.

Here are some more beautiful flowers to brighten your day!


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