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Apparently I can’t be trusted with glue

Sometimes, around my house, things will need to be fixed…but I won’t fix them. I’ll just note they need to be fixed and save that in my brain for another occasion.

Case in point: I have a black skirt decorated with numerous (excessive) silver buttons, and the bottom button is missing. Or rather, it’s in a dish on my shelf. But I don’t want to sew it until I have multiple buttons to sew on different articles of clothing. Otherwise I’m not being efficient…or something.

This is background information.

So, I had things that needed to be glued. But, true to form, I didn’t glue them because I didn’t want to walk (all.the.way) to the basement, rifle through my dad’s office supplies, find glue, etc. etc. I’m a busy girl. Don’t judge.

But then, there were several things that needed glue, so I went and found the glue and got ready to fix things!

It needs to be known that at my work I use super glue fairly regularly. I like it. It’s clear, it’s adhesive, and I know to keep it off my fingers.

But my dad didn’t have any. He just had Gorilla Glue.

I read the label and it was all like, “I stick things together…FOREVER!”

And I was like, “Sounds like what I need.” So, I started applying it and gluing stuff.

Turns out…Gorilla Glue is not super glue.


Instead of drying clear and looking all cutesy/ finished, it expands and bubbles and puffs up and around the stuff. I guess it holds, too, but look at this craft project! It’s not the delicate girlie-project I started with!


There was a bit of finish wearing off of my shelving unit. I thought I was all TLC-levels-of-handy when I used a piece of cardstock to push the glue into the wedge. BUT IT’S NOT LIKE IT MATTERED ANYWAY. Because the Gorilla Glue seeped out and everywhere.

Ready for the final tragedy?


My beautiful new navy heels.

290The plastic heel-tip fell out last week, so I wanted to glue it securely back in place…only now, it’s held in place by puffy Gorilla Glue.

I’m so mortified…I didn’t even test the heel.

Oh my gosh. My beautiful shoes!

May this serve as a two-fold warning:

  • When it comes to crafts, sometimes I’m just pretending like I know what I’m doing
  • Super Glue is different than Gorilla Glue

You are welcome.


P.S. Don’t worry. I will fix that heel over the weekend if it takes sandpaper and a crowbar.

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