What SHE Wore Wednesday

Sometimes, on Wednesdays, I’ll find someone who is dressed cute…and I won’t be able to prop my camera anywhere to take my selfies. And then I’m just like, “I MUST FEATURE THAT PERSON INSTEAD.”

Enter this girl.


Here she is, folks. Rocking the same green skirt. 🙂 That’s a fantastic example of how a quality piece can carry you through several outfits and seasons.

The sweater belongs to her younger sister (she got permission. I do that, too). She likes the knit pattern and that it’s “not to overwhelmingly warm, but it’s still comfortable. And it’s three-quarters.” As in: the sleeves are halfway between long-and-short. 🙂

I believe the scarf is an Easter present from my mommy. It was a gift with love. Julia digs the versitle navy-color and the colorful, classic designs.

Fun details include a belt (came with the skirt, but she says it’s a “lucky find”…she wears it with everything!), a green rosary bracelet from the one-and-only Joe M and a white double-bow. Just to top it off.

Color, class, and artistry up in here.

Happy Wednesday!

Julia! Daffodils! Almost-warm weather!
Julia! Daffodils! Almost-warm weather!

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  1. I must say, if I was wearing my white peep-toe wedges this outfit would’ve been so much cuter! ~use your imagination, folks~

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