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Josh is a gooberfish. Episode 5,000

I work relatively normal working hours. This is because I am an old woman with a degree and a steady job.

The same cannot be said for the other members of my family, though. I have three siblings who live with me in the same house–all three still at various stages in their college careers. Those of you who are students know that college classes don’t always fall within a nine-to-five range.

Two of those same siblings also work midnight shifts at the hospital on varying days.

This background is necessary for this story.

My life has a relatively standard morning pace: I wake up, (pray a decade for the seminarians!), exercise, shower, prep for work, eat breakfast, and leave. This is done between the time of 6:15 and 8:00, approximately.

Part of that routine includes fixing my hair.

I have the hair of a Polish woman, thank you generations of Polish women before me. It is straight and smooth–almost maddeningly so. So I do what most self-respecting smooth-haired women do and add TONS OF PRODUCT so that it appears happy and full.

On of my favorite products (and this isn’t an advertisement, PROMISE) is my spray wax. It adds texture and crazy to this head! Downside: it’s expensive. So, I don’t use it too frequently–only on special occasions.

One day a few weeks ago I noticed that I had way less spray wax than expected…which caught me by surprise. I would have asked if anyone was using it, but I think everyone was sleeping (again, midnight shifts) so instead I made a sign and taped it around the bottle. I wasn’t a jerk, though, it read:

“This is pricey and I’d prefer you’d use other product.”

Vandalism, I tell you! That young hooligan!
Vandalism, I tell you! That young hooligan!
Keep in mind, I have a basket full of other product for people to use as they’d like…this one is just a nicer product that I don’t use on a daily basis.

Then, I found this.

We have our culprit.

In the handwriting of Joshua Marc Sebastian there is a vandalized note which now reads (along with the crossed-out words): “This is pricey cheap and I’d prefer you‘d to use other this product.”

With an added, “Thx, Josh,” mind you.

Good gravy.

Good gravy and epic eye-rolls.

It’s all good, though. The Easter bunny found it fitting to bring us BOTH new spray wax bottles for Easter. Too kind, really.

I also got some chocolate. :)
I also got some chocolate. 🙂

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