What I Wore Wednesday

Today it is raining...off-again and on-again. I hold a secret hope that this means that spring is on its way--warmer weather, flowers, sunshine *sigh*. I wore my rain-boots, prepped for the occasion. When rain-boots first became a "thing" a few years back, my sister and I were like, "Who would buy these?" And then it... Continue Reading →

A Floral Celebration

I uploaded my pictures of these weekend and noticed an over-arching floral theme. This is not a photography blog by any means...but I think it's a nice way to outline what's been up these past few days. Maybe I'm just itchy to start gardening again...the garden is calling out to me. 🙂 I'm pro-flower. They're... Continue Reading →

Catching up Wednesday

I forgot my camera at home today. Usually I remember it with its grey wrist-band sticking out of my purse. But, today I have many assignments and the assignments are crowding my calendar for the next two weeks--this is probably why I forgot. So, instead I looked through my uploaded picture files to see if... Continue Reading →

Sacred Triduum. Easter. Easter. Easter.

It is fair to say that Easter is my favorite. It's my favorite holiday, it's my favorite teaching, it's my favorite story. I think I'm going to explode from excitement. 🙂 Holy Week is an immersion into the full human experience on the deepest levels: betrayal, sorrow, suffering...but then inexpressible hope and joy. Oh, and... Continue Reading →

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