Fun on a Friday

Mark and Colleen
Mark and Colleen. Aren’t they cute together???
Yesterday evening I had dinner-and-lovely-conversation at this lady’s house. And we were joined by Kathryn and groomsman Dave and Colleen’s man-to-be, Mark.

It was one of those nights were everyone is just friends, you know? And we ate wholesome, lovely, homemade food and shared about our lives and Hazel-the-cat showcased her skill of jumping high enough to reach the peep hole on the door.

And once we had finished eating, conversation slipped into that pleasant, holy place were we discussed society and spirituality, the person of Christ, the meeting of mind-body-and-soul, and (frankly) circus class. (It’s my vocation. Don’t judge).

Best of times, best of company.

There was also pie and fresh fruit (and presents!) but most importantly: friends. The types of friends who make you want to live a better life. Therefore: the best kinds of friends.

I went to bed a happy woman and woke up smiling.

Happy Friday, everyone.

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