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A few of my favorite things


This is not a sponsored post.
I.e. I’m not receiving any ca$h-ola from this-here sharing. BUT! I wanted you to know about some things that I like. For science’s sake.

  1. Three Dogs North. In the continued daytime-drama that is “My Life is either the weirdest or the coolest, take your pick,” I met a seminarian at a wedding in New Orleans and we were the only two people on Bourbon Street drinking only-water all night long, and he told me about the podcast that he records with two friends. So, it’s a three-dude podcast with two seminarians and one recently-ordained priest. You guys. I started listening and then went back and re-listened to the ones I had already listened to, even though there are ones I have not yet heard. I’m pretty dang impressed, is what I’m saying. The first one I listened to got me hooked. This one about family memories is the tops (so! funny!). I’ve been talking about/ thinking about/ wondering about this one for weeks.
    Since they’re all Catholic-dewds giving their lives to the Church, the convo skews in that direction, but in a way that is somehow always approachable and friendly and funny, but at the same time deep and touching.
    It kind of makes me want to start a podcast, honestly. But it also keeps me from such shenanigans because I know I wouldn’t be able to succeed so fiercely as these bros do.
  2. Bam.
  3. Apple Mango Tango detergent. Again, this isn’t a sponsored post. I just like breaking from the generic detergent once in a while (once in a load!) and using this because everything smells like happiness and magic. That is all. And, obviously, don’t use it if you don’t like scented detergents.
  4. Tabbed browsing. I am so into tabbed browsing. Why don’t I just open one hundred tabs about all of the wonderful, wonderful things I don’t know yet?? And all the poetry I have not yet read? I think I just might. Shout out to my oldest brother who taught me this skill, I don’t know, in the 00’s.
  5. Dewd. Flowers and summer. Can this just go on forever? Is that an option?
    Dewd. Flowers and summer. Can this just go on forever? Is that an option?
  6. This article about being married and life lessons and the Camino. SO GOOD. So, so good.
    The funniest part is that, sometimes in the deep shadows of evening, the lady-pilgrims I’ve walked with with offer a shushed, “I’d love to walk the Camino for my honeymoon.” It’s like this secret, happy, hard dream to live and work and walk and grow together. Yes yes yes. The article awaits.
  7. Vanilla Greek yogurt. So fantastic. Wow. Also: honey-sesame covered almonds from Trader Joe’s are the yum. Also: we ran out of raisins so I’ve been putting Aldi’s mixed dried cherries and berries into my morning oatmeal. Mmmmmmmmmm. Is it just me or do dried cherries improve life?
And then--fresh herbs!! Ah that I would know all of their magical properties!
And then–fresh herbs!! Ah that I would know all of their magical properties!

That’s all!

What have you been loving??

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  1. What have I been loving? A book you recommended to me.(THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!) Maurice and Therese: The story of a Love. I love, love, love it!! Thank You. I’m sure Saint Therese is praying for me and my vocation. (Consecrated Virgin) I’m still in the process of gathering all of the documents I need to send in but, once that’s done I’ll send it to my Bishop. 🙂

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