The quickest of the quick takes

— 1 —

It’s taken me years and years but, I finally convinced someone to come with me to a circus class.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I present: your boyyyyy!

"They call me Spider Monkey boy now."
“They call me Spider Monkey boy now.”

That’s a really, really nice looking foot lock, Mr. Josh!

(All day long he meant to say, “Cirque du Soleil” when we were getting ready for class, but instead he said, “Circus Olé!!” and it was so awesome didn’t really want to correct him.)

— 2 —

I have a new favorite craft. For real. Linocutting. Or “block printing,” apparently, if you go to a craft store and ask the clerk about linocutting until she’s like, “What are you even talking about right now?”

Anyway, I’m totally and completely smitten. I’m smitten with the way it looks, the process of creating, the process of inking…all of it.

Basically there’s a block of compressed wood with some linoleum on top. And you can buy these sharp, little tools that will dig at the linoleum, carving away, leaving only the pattern behind. And I bought them. And I can do it! And I love this new thing!

I decided my first print would be: Russian nesting doll. Obviously. What other option is there?
I decided my first print would be: Russian nesting doll. Obviously. What other option is there?

Stay posted. There may be some giveaways coming up. Or maybe some stationary for sale funding my people/ heart in El Salvador.

— 3 —

Book! Link!
Book! Link!
I just finished reading this book about saints and social justice and it was really good. I’d totally recommend it. In fact, I can lend you my copy, if you know me in real life and ask me nicely.

The thing about reading about holy people is, they make you try to improve. I’m all like, “Well, guess I should be pulling my act together over here. Any day now.”

One thing that touched me was the discussion of solidarity. The book said (and, honestly, in better ways than I can relate) that, sure, you can look at a picture of a starving child or a homeless man or an uneducated third-world woman on your Facebook newsfeed; and maybe you’ll feel a surge of compassion or sympathy or even sadness for them. Great. Solidarity, though, is when you actually take the time and effort to make uncomfortable choices or sacrifices in your life to help those in need.



So, yeah, that’s a thing. How do I pursue solidarity in my life?

(Other favorite, these dying words from the husband of St. Frances of Rome: “I feel as if my whole life has been one beautiful dream of purest happiness. God has given me so much in your love.” Dang. In the words of one of the young women in our discussion group: “Hashtag RELATIONSHIP GOALS.”)

— 4 —

‘Twas my Father’s birthday last weekend. Sto lat, papa. We celebrated by seeing a play and then he took us all out to Mexican for dinner. Yum yum yummmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Is it weird that the birthday boy would celebrate by taking everyone else out to dinner? Yes. Maybe. But, I think that that’s just the life he lives. And so, until next year, sto lat.

Birthday boy, meet birthday boy. For real. And they didn't even talk beforehand about coordinating birthday dinners. Or haircuts.
Birthday boy, meet birthday boy. For real. And they didn’t even talk beforehand about coordinating birthday dinners. Or haircuts.

— 5 —

I just got a random sales call about weight loss products. Their line was, “Hi, so, how much weight do you want to lose?”



Thanks for boosting my self-esteem, friend.

— 6 —

If you tell me your favorite Holy week poetry, I’ll give you a dollar.

Or maybe just a linocutting of a dollar.

You’ll only find out if you tell me.

(Just kidding. I probably won’t give you a dollar).

(But I still want your favorite Holy Week poetry).

— 7 —

Did you want to see one more photo of Josh? Maybe holding a baby Franklin? OK.


Weekend weekend weekend? Weekend. Such weekend.

Much weekend, weekend-folk.

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