My personal 15 Triduum favorites

This year I visited with friends and parted with, "Merry Triduum!" because I wasn't sure of the correct greeting. But then a different friend wished me an "Epic Triduum" which fits better, doesn't it? I didn't take pictures of the events on Friday or Saturday. Sometimes it's just better to be present than to rush... Continue Reading →

Crinoline update

I owed you this on Monday. I know, I know. Here is where I was Friday morning: Here is where I was Friday evening: SUCCESS. Shout out to the generous and fun-loving Sugardale for the crinoline pattern. It was fun and full of helpful ideas and truly a work of love/ art. (Although, love, you... Continue Reading →

Happy Colonoscopy!

Soooo one of my super awesome coworkers is going in for the party that is a medical procedure. Woo hoo. I made said-coworker this card, utilizing e-card magic and my own sense of humor. I expect a call from Hallmark any day now.

Nell goes to a BABY SHOWER

Hi. Where have I been??? Mostly: crazy. πŸ™‚ Count-down to Spain: 8 days. Woot. Anyway, I had a baby shower last weekend. Now, baby showers are finicky business. I like to bring useful, cute things...but it's hard to know what to bring. Here's what I did for this one: hats, baby hats. That and I... Continue Reading →


Remember when I gave you a paper doll to color? You don't need to anymore. My mom made the best one. You can just download hers and play away! I'm just sad that I won't look this cute in real life. πŸ™‚ I mean, LOOK at those colors!

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