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I caught this picture on my front lawn. This bee was heavy-laden, and would tip the flowers down to the ground as he visited them. :)
I caught this picture on my front lawn. This bee was heavy-laden, and would tip the flowers down to the ground as he visited them. ๐Ÿ™‚

Here are some things you might want to know. For old times’ sake.

— 1 —

First of all, there were scores of baby Lutherans wandering around my city for some sort of conference last week. And by “baby” I mean “teenagers.” And by “scores” I mean “20.” As in, groups of 20, walking around in matching shirts and being teenagers.

I would talk to them, but I don’t know what to say, because I am old now.

But, I did get a kick out of that church-life.

Note the inflatable giraffe. :D
Note the inflatable giraffe. ๐Ÿ˜€

— 2 —

Last Thursday I went and saw MacBeth in the park in Detroit and I loved the play and I loved the night. I also loved that both the theater group and the audience was mixed. Ya’ll know I love Detroit, but everything around here is crazy segregated, even though the population is quite diverse. I.e. if I go to one event there are all white people (like me) and maybe a token black couple. Alternatively, if I go to different types of event, I will be representing as the lone pale chica. Heartbreaking.

Anyway! Not last Thursday. Last Thursday there were all types of people and all ages of people, sitting on the grass, watchin’ the Bard lay out some human experience.

If you like talking about theater: I was so impressed with the actors (and actresses!), the scene changes were flawless, the tech was high-quality. Really, really great. Would recommend.

— 3 —

This fascinated me. There is a church (not Catholic) near me (but kind of a drive) that is offering couples the chance to “elope” at their church. Like, the couples sign up and the church provides the church, the pastor, the music, and the cake on this one particular day and then, voila, they’re married.


I get why this wouldn’t work in a Catholic environment, because we’re required to have six months of pre-marriage preparation so as to learn more about marriage-y things and not rush head-long into lifetime decisions and what not. BUT, I think it has a nice outlook on church-life in general. Less, “How can we make sure YOU DON’T ABUSE THIS?!?!” and more, “Hey, how can we celebrate and support your journey?”


— 4 —

Under “Things That Made Me Frustrated This Week,” I’m planning a trip to Philadelphia come September, right? To, you know, see THE POPE and stuff.

This is not my first rodeo. Seeing this particular Pope: sure. But organizing trips (even with other popes)? I’ve got this.

Kind of.

I made this spreadsheet of how-much-everything-will-cost, and I did research and checked out hotels and food and the mass transit system.

WELL. Two days ago Philly announced that it was revamping the mass transit system for when the Pope visits. Well, whatever, right? Wrong. They super-inflated the public trans $$ amount. GRRRRRRRRR.

This frustrates me on several levels. The first being: bro, I see your supply and demand, but do you understand that you’re cutting off families and the poor from attending which is, like, THE VERY CRUX of the Pope’s mission, here?

And the second level being: I didn’t budget it in. Noooooooo! Poor planning fail.

Sad-faced emoji.

***UPDATE!! The amount of purchasers overloaded the system and everything has been suspended. Lord have mercy on my poor nerves, Mrs. Bennett.***

— 5 —

These flowers grew in my garden. Aren't they many levels of wonderful?????
These flowers grew in my garden. Aren’t they many levels of wonderful?????

— 6 —

I’m supposed to travel this weekend…and my camera is being super finicky. Please pray for my camera. :-/. And my safety, I guess. Ha!!

How was thy weekend, beebees?!?!?!


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